RV Repair and Maintenance Services

Improve the efficiency and endurance of your recreational vehicle with on site RV repair and maintenance services from our company in Las Vegas. For more than 37 years Las Vegas Mobile Repair has been helping owners keep their motor coaches, fifth wheels, and trailers running at optimal performance. We work hard not only to keep you as a customer but to have you recommend our services to your friends and family.

Our staff can work on your air-conditioning, heating, and electrical systems as well as your plumbing, appliances, LP systems, generators, and inverters. We can also help you with storage preparation, start-up service, and winterizing.

We repair all aspects of RVs:



As the name implies, WE COME TO YOU! Leaving your RV isn’t always an option, especially if your living or traveling in it full time. Las Vegas Mobile Repair understands the importance of onsite service in this industry, and offers affordable service calls to provide the professional onsite support you need. We pride ourselves on providing timely service, however same day and after hours support may be subject to availability, please call now to learn more.


How do I care for my RV roof?

At least once a year you should inspect the roof of your RV. Climb on top of the unit and do an inspection. Look for dried, cracked or missing sealant around vents and joints. Look for tears or rips or other damage. Finally, take a broom and sweep off any built up dirt.

How do I keep my RV batteries from running down?

If you will not be using your RV for any length of time, disconnect the battery. Your RV has many systems that draw a small amount of current all the time. Things like your propane leak detector, tank monitors or digital clocks will draw enough current to drain you house batteries if you are not plugged in.

How do I extend the life of my RV refrigerator?

In order for your refrigerator to work correctly it must be level. Set a bubble level inside the refrigerator and level the rig to that bubble. If you constantly run the fridge with it off-level, damage can result. The unit will be ok while you drive because of the constant swaying of your RV.

How do I keep my RV water lines from freezing?

To prevent damage to your RV water system from freezing weather, completely drain the system. You can do this by turning off the water pump and opening ALL the water faucets, hot and cold. Next, open the low point drain valves. Leave the faucets and valves open to allow all the water to drain.

How do I clean the fresh water system in my RV?

To clean out the fresh water system follow these steps:

  1. Fill the water tanks 1/2 full.
  2. Add a solution of 1/4 cup bleach and 1 gallon water for every 15 gallons tank capacity.
  3. Open all the faucets until the all air has been removed from the system and the solution has filled the water system.
  4. Let the unit sit for 3-5 hours.
  5. Drain the water system and refill with fresh water.
  6. Run the fresh water through all faucets and drain the system again.

Leave the system empty and drain to prevent the build-up of microorganisms. This will also prevent pipes bursting if the weather freezes.

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