We Do Much More Than Crimp and Change Hydraulic Lines.

If all you need is a hydraulic line crimped and installed we are into it. We have done many small jobs on Skid Steers, HWH Leveling Jacks & Slide Outs, Steering / Hydraboost Braking Systems all the way up to 40 foot runs through internal boxed frames on car-carriers, 50 to 70 foot runs on double knuckled fiberglass booms for Bucket Trucks and even weaved lines through a labyrinth curtain wall of hydraulic hoses for cave burrowing /drill rigs. We’re into it. But there is a lot more to hydraulics and we offer the full line of services.

The team at Las Vegas Mobile Repair will diagnose leaking spool valves, sticky pressure relief valves, defective magnetic coil packs, worn hydraulic pumps, problematic PTO engagements, slipping Mico brakes, broken power unit shaft couplers, pulse width modulated constant flow Japanese hydraulic boom lift systems etc, etc…

We have the capability to dial in pilot signals for all hydraulic controls, pressure relief points for multistage hydraulic systems.

If you have a contaminated hydraulic system on a large capacity application, instead of wasting thousands of dollars replacing the fluid, let Las Vegas Mobile Repair Kidney Loop your system. We will set up a 2 micron filtration loop and get all metal, dirt, water out of all components all the way to the extremities of the lines and cylinders. At the end of the day the fluid will be polished and ready to get back to work

We have rebuilt cylinders on yard goats, scissor lifts, forklifts, end dumps, boom lifts, production hydraulic presses, assembly line equipment, etc… and got the equipment up and running by the end of the day. We have disassembled multi-stack spool valve control blocks, resealed the leaky units and got the equipment running the same day.

We have pulled PTO’s, dead man brake components, hydraulic motors, resealed and rebuilt them and got them reinstalled in the equipment by the evening.

We at Las Vegas Mobile Repair only focus on mobile services, therefore performing real repairs in the field is highly important. This means we stock a ridiculous amount of consumables and seals in all our service trucks and make every effort to get your equipment up and running whenever possible on the same day. Please give our service a try.

There is no risk to your wallet using our team of technicians. We proudly honor our no risk 20 year policy of not charging the customer if we can’t diagnose your hydraulic problems. We are always able to diagnose, repair and get the job done.


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