Auto Repair

Our trucks and technicians are equipped to service all makes and models of cars, trucks, RVs and trailers.

Call 702-622-8850 for immediate emergency roadside assistance in an emergency or to schedule maintenance service at your convenience.

Cars and trucks we repair or regularly maintain include Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, KIA, Lincoln, Mercedes, Mercury, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Toyota, Volkswagen.

YES! We repair generators — Onan specialist.

Trailer repairs on dual- and single-axle trailers. Service on wheel bearings, axles, lights.


At Las Vegas Mobile Repair, we understand car repair can be a stressful event. We strive to provide our customers with comprehensive information as to why the repair is required, how the component failure occurred, and what preventative maintenance measures can be taken to prolong the success of the repair and avoid failure in the future.

Our professional ASE-certified Las Vegas Mobile Repair technicians are trained to diagnose and repair broken or faulty system components that make up your vehicle’s complex systems, including the heating and cooling, brake, steering and suspension systems and more. Be it a broken belt, leaky hose or anything in between, you can count on Las Vegas Mobile Repair to do the job right, keep you informed and get you safely on your way.

Making an appointment is as easy as scheduling online, calling your local store or walking in. At Las Vegas Mobile Repair, we are committed to providing best-in-class service, information and leaving you with a feeling of confidence that the job was done right.



  • AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING SYSTEMS — Charge A/C, A/C compressor, A/C condenser, heater core.
  • BRAKE SYSTEMS — Disk and drum brakes. Pads, calipers, rotors.
  • CHARGING SYSTEM — Alternator, battery, battery cables.
  • COMPUTER — Modules, sensors, PCM.
  • COOLING SYSTEM — Radiator, water pump, hose, thermostat.
  • ELECTRICAL — Fuses, relays, switches, wiring harness, electrical troubleshooting.
  • ENGINE — Tune-ups, preventative maintenance.
  • FUEL DELIVERY — Fuel filters, fuel pumps.
  • STARTING SYSTEM — Starter, ignition lock cylinder, ignition switch, key problems.
  • TIMING COMPONENTS — Timing belts, timing chains.
  • STEERING AND SUSPENSION — Wheels, tires, ball joints, control arms, shocks and struts.
  • TRANSMISSIONS — Manual and automatic.

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